2023.10.27 [Topic]
“20000 Species of Bees” Wins the TIFF Ethical Film Award.

The 36th TIFF “Ethical Film Award” is a newly established award launched this year. We define “ethical” as “thoughts and actions that empathize with people, society, and the environment.” The 2023 TIFF has selected outstanding films from those submitted to the festival this year that meet our ethical principles. Films addressing important contemporary social themes such as gender equality, the environment, poverty, diversity, and discrimination are eligible.
Three films were nominated: 20000 Species of Bees, The Fisher, and Power Alley. However, 20000 Species of Bees, about an eight-year-old troubled by his gender, was chosen as the awardee.
Members of the Ethical Film Award Jury:
Mizuno Seiichi (Supervisor, a・un ethical Department Store / Seibu Department Store President)
Sakaguchi Mao (a・un ethical Department Store, Ethical Producer)
Kudo Lisa (Production Department Chief Producer, TV TOKYO)
Watanabe Kazumasa (Executive Officer, General Manager of Media Division, Sumitomo Corporation)
The award-winning film will be screened at Marunouchi TOEI on Tuesday 31 October at 10:30, followed by an awards ceremony and talk show.
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20000 Species of Bees
TIFF Ethical Film Award


At the 73rd Berlin Film Festival, Sofia Otero, who played the lead role, won the Best Actor Award at the youngest age of eight!
Director:Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren
Cast:Sofia Otero, Patricia Lopez Arnaiz, Ane Gabarain

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