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TIFF/NFAJ Classics: Yasujiro Ozu Week
Co-hosted / AIIied Events
Hosted by: National Film Archive of Japan /
Tokyo International Film Festival
Supported by: Shochiku Co.,Ltd. / Hashimoto Piano
The National Film Archive of Japan will screen Ozu’s early films with English subtitles. This program will also include talks by a variety of guests and screenings of silent films with piano accompaniment to reconsider his early works from new perspectives.
10.24 Tue~10.29 Sun
at Nagase Memorial Theatre OZU (2nd floor)
*For more information:
→ here
⇒ National Film Archive’s

The 1st Marunouchi Film Festival
Co-hosted / AIIied Events
Hosted by Mitsubishi Estate
Co-hosted by Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF)
Cooperated with Pia Film Festival
The Marunouchi Film Festival introduces rich and distinctive film cultures from both domestic and international sources, including programs related to the TIFF. The first edition will feature films by Wim Wenders, President of the TIFF Competition International Jury, as well as Japanese films.
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TIFFCOM is Asia’s leading content market affiliated with the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF). A wide variety of content holders, mainly from the film, TV and animation industries, will gather in the market, attracting influential buyers from around the world.
TIFFCOM 2023, celebrating its 20th anniversary, will be the first physical event in four years since 2019 at a new venue, the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center HAMAMATSUCHO-KAN in the Bay Area in Tokyo.
•Dates: 10.25 Wed – 10.27 Fri
•Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center HAMAMATSUCHO-KAN
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AIIied Events
Kering’s Women In Motion

A program that sheds light on women talent in the film and art industries.
10.27 Fri
at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya
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Special Collaboration with PFF 2023 PFF Grand-Prix Winning Film Screening
To discover and develop new filmmaking talent, PFF has been showcasing self-produced films. The 2023 PFF AWARD Grand-Prix winning film will be screened.
The 2023 PFF Grand-Prix winning film will be screend.
•Dates: 10.26 Thu 16:30 –
•Venue: Kadokawa Cinema Yurakucho
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Screening of an Award-winning Film from SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL 2023
There will be a screening of Alien’s Daydream, which received the Best Picture and the SKIP CITY AWARD at the SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL 2023.
•Dates: 10.30 Mon 16:30 –
•Venue: Kadokawa Cinema Yurakucho
→ Official Site
Screening Film:
Alien’s Daydream Director: Matsumoto Yoshiki

Directors Guild of Japan New Directors Award Film Screening and Symposium
The Directors Guild of Japan New Directors Award is an award given to a talented new director. This year’s winner Yamasaki Juichiro will talk about the future of cinema.
•Dates: 10.25 Wed 16:55 –
•Venue: Kadokawa Cinema Yurakucho
→ Official Site
Screening Film:
Yamabuki Director: Yamasaki Juichiro


→ “Yamabuki” Official Site(Japanese Site)

MPA Seminar
The MPA seminar will focus on investments in the content industry and introduce location attraction and production incentives that will benefit the film industry.
•Dates: 10.25 Wed
•Venue: BASE Q Tokyo Midtown Hibiya
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3rd minato cinema festa
Feel joy and inspiration through cinema! “minato cinema festa” will be back again this year. There will be films for parents and children to enjoy together, as well as films with barrier-free subtitles and audio guidance.
•Dates: 11.25 Sat – 12.3 Sun
•Venue: Akasaka Civic Center / Takanawa Civic Center / Azabu Civic Center / Libra Hall (Minato Park Shibaura 1F) / Daiba Civic Center / Shinmei Iki-iki Plaza
→ Official Site

TOKYO FILMeX is an international film festival that showcases creative and original works by upcoming Asian filmmakers and renowned directors.
•Dates: 11.19 Sun – 11.26 Sun
•Venue: Yurakucho Asahi Hall / Humantrust Cinema Yurakucho
→ Official Site

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2023 Screening in Autumn
SSFF & ASIA 2023’s award-winning films, the latest domestic and international short films, and a special program focusing on Korea will be screened in theaters and online.
•Dates: 9.28 Thu – 10.27 Fri
•Venue: Tokyo Photographic Art Museum / Akasaka Intercity Conference / other venues
*Online Venue

Kyoto Filmmakers Lab
A workshop for young filmmakers from all over the world consisting of a short Jidaigeki making program at a studio in Kyoto and lectures by world-renowned film professionals.
•Dates: 1.26 Fri~1.31 Wed 2024
•Venue: Shochiku Kyoto Studios / Toei Studios Kyoto / The Museum of Kyoto / other venues in Kyoto
→ Official Site

Nara International Film Festival
NARAtive in TOKYO NODE: Special screenings of NARAtive films that connect present to future and Nara to the world

Everyone involved in filmmaking shines in some way. Smiles start to appear. It proves that your heart is full. The crew members, actors, and local people who at first didn’t know each other find a connection. A circle of human interactions is born there, and many find happiness. This may be what we need in present Japan… I want to spread happiness in Japan and I believe filmmaking brings us happiness. A completed film is a precious asset that can be passed down from generation to generation. The heart of these films are rooted in the brilliance of the people in each region where NARAtive was created. I created this NARAtive filmmaking project from my hometown of Nara, and the heart of the films are rooted in the brilliance of the people in each region where NARAtive was created.

Kawase Naomi
Executive Director

•Dates: 10.28 Sat~10.29 Sun
•Hosted by: NARAtive Location Network Council / Nara International Film Festival
→ Official Site

China Film Week in Tokyo 2023
Let’s go see Chinese films and rediscover the charm of Chinese cinema! The China Film Week in Tokyo 2023 will bring you the latest Chinese films full of energy.
•Dates: 10.17 Tue – 10.24 Tue (Tokyo)
•Venue: TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi / Yurakucho Asahi Hall
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20th Latin Beat Film Festival in TIFF
Double anniversary this year for LBFF. 20 years ago, the presence of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American cinema in Japan was small. That’s why I decided to found LBFF. In these 20 years, latin cinema has gained international recognition and won awards all over the world. I am very grateful for TIFF to open the door five years ago.
→ Official Site

17th Tanabe-Benkei Film Festival
Tanabe-Benkei Film Festival is known as a gateway to success for amateur filmmakers. Many of the selected or award-winning filmmakers have made their commercial film debuts.
•Dates: 11.10 Fri – 11.12 Sun
•Venue: Kinan Cultural Hall
→ Official Site

MPTE AWARDS have established in 1947, in the recognition of outstanding technical achievements and personal contributions.
•Dates: 11.1 Wed
•Venue: Tokyo International Forum Hall D5
→ Official Site

JAAP INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL is the only short film festival in Japan for industries and culture. 32 award-winning films will be screened.
•Dates: 11.27 Mon – 11.29 Wed
•Venue: The National Art Center, Tokyo / EuroLive
→ Official Site

Sayama de Cinema vol.7
•Dates: 9.16 Sat – 9.17 Sun
•Venue: Sayama City Center
→ Official Site

CoFesta 2023
CoFesta is a project to support the strengthening of overseas communication capabilities in order to effectively promote various events related to the Japananse content industries overseas.
•Dates: June 2023 – March 2024
•Venue: Various Cities in Japan and Overseas
→ Official Site

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