Tokyo International Film Festival | ID Pass Accreditation

(Pass for industry professionals “Festival Pass”)

The 36th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), which will be held from October 23 (Mon.) to November 1 (Wed.), 2023, issue a "Festival Pass" for the following industries and professions to encourage participation in the festival by those involved in the film industry.

This pass entitles the holder to view screenings for the press and film industry professionals (hereafter referred to as "P&I screenings") that will be screened mainly at Cine Switch Ginza and use the TIFF Lounge* for cultural interaction.

*TIFF Lounge: As part of a co-presented programs between The Japan Foundation and TIFF, it is a place where filmmakers from a variety of counties and regions in Asia and beyond gather along with prominent Japanese film industry professionals to meet, interact and network in Tokyo. Pass holders have an access and can also participate in exclusive talk and networking events.

Please check the details below, and click the "Apply" button to submit your application. Upon reviewing process, if your application is approved, we will issue you a "Festival Pass".

[Industries and occupations eligible for TIFF Festival Pass registration]
If you do not belong to any of the categories listed below, your application may not be accepted.

  • Type of industry
  • Entertainment agency
  • Theatrical (Movie theater)
  • Cultural institutions (film libraries, film restoration institutions)
  • Distributor
  • Film production related companies
  • National and International Film Festivals
  • Film promotion company
  • Film Commissions
  • Online distribution service
  • Other film related

  • Type of occupation
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Screenwriter
  • Actor
  • Buyer
  • Theater owner/manager/organizer
  • Film Festival Professionals
  • Film Technology Professionals

Festival Pass includes:

  • Access to P&I Screenings (The number of P&I on the 35th TIFF: 75 screenings)
  • *All seats are unreserved, first-come, first-served
  • *The doors will close when the allocated seats are filled.
  • *Pass is required to attend P&I screenings.
  • Access to TIFF Lounge

Registration fee for Festival Pass:
¥5,500 (incl. tax)

Visa: We do not support visa application. Please obtain it yourself if you need one.


  • We will inform the details on how to receive your Festival Pass at a later date.
  • Please note that we may not be able to meet your request depending on result of the reviewing process.
  • We will not be able to answer any inquiries regarding the contents/result of the reviewing process.

For press members, please click here and apply for a press pass.

Tokyo International Film Festival ID Pass Accreditation Team