Press Accreditation

The 36th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) will be held from October 23 (Mon) to November 1(Wed), 2023.
Please see below for accreditation procedures.

All members of the press need to be accredited in advance to cover the Tokyo International Film Festival.
You will need to have your press pass with QR Code to check-in for covering press events.

There are two types in press pass, [Press Pass A] and [Press Pass B].
Journalists and TV/Radio directors and producers are to select [Press Pass A]. Access for each pass is shown in the list below.

TV crews accompanied by a director/producer will be issued the [Crew Pass] upon check in on the day of the event you wish to cover.
Photographers and technical crew members who are covering the event independently should obtain a Press Pass B.
◇ Please avoid using a shared email address (such as info@) as an individual e-mail address is required for personal verification for Press Pass.
◇ Press members who are applying for Press Pass A are required to submit their coverage about TIFF or entertainment-related topics from the past one year.
◇ If you wish to have access to press releases and other information in the English language, make sure to select "English" from webpage language preferences, and use the English form to apply and register.
◇ If you are accredited for Press Pass A, please submit your coverage of the 36th TIFF after the event.

"Click here to APPLY/LOG IN" button below to move to the application page.

If you have applied and issued a press pass in previous years, have your Login ID/PASSWORD ready and click "Click here to APPLY” then “LOG IN".
For those applying for the first time, “Click here to APPLY” then “Register (for those who are applying for the first time).

Select from "Press Pass A" or "Press Pass B"

ACCESS Press Pass A Press Pass B
You will gain access to the following information/ functions/areas. Journalists and TV/Radio directors and producers are to select this. (*For crew members accompanied by TV Director, “Crew Pass” will be issued upon check in of the event you wish to cover) Photographers, technical crew members including camera operators & sound engineers covering events individually are to select this.
P&I Screenings (Press and Industry) NA
Stage Appearances
Press Conferences
Press Center & Press Information
TIFF Press Kit NA
(Excludes market screenings & some seminars)
TIFF Press Releases
TIFF Lounge
Application Deadline and Contact Information

The final deadline for the accreditation is October 13 (Fri), 2023.
For further information or inquiries regarding the registration and application, please contact;
TIFF Promotion Group, Press Pass Management Email:

For inquiries about TIFFCOM, please contact below.
TIFFCOM Inquiry:

Press Pass Pickup

You can login to “My Page” after completion of registration. You can check your registration status, pass receipt information, etc. on My Page.

*There have been cases of unauthorized sharing of Press Passes and false identity registrations in recent years.
These behaviors will lead to having your Press Pass confiscated and future applications denied.

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