2023.10.23 [Topic]
[cyberTIFF Original] Streaming of the Red Carpet from Multiple Angles & Non-Stop Streaming of Various Events

This year’s live streaming of the Red Carpet Event will have a multi-angle streaming option, allowing viewers to choose their preferred viewing angle. Additionally, the stage greetings, Q&A sessions, and various event during the festival will be streamed non-stop on TIFF’s official website.
Red Carpet Multi-Angle Streaming:
10/23 [Mon] 14:55〜

CyberTIFF Original Non-stop Streaming:
10/23 [Mon] 14:55〜22:00、10/24 [Tue] 〜31 [Tue] 10:00〜22:00、11/1 [Wed] 10:00〜21:00

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