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Amazon Prime Video Take One Award Co-Presented by 36th TIFF and Prime Video Announces Call for Entries

The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Prime Video once again to present the Amazon Prime Video Take One Award, which aims to discover talented new directors through an open call for short film submissions. Finalists will be screened at the 36th TIFF, to be held from October 23 – November 1, 2023.
TIFF and Prime Video
The Amazon Prime Video Take One Award, born from a collaboration with Prime Video, with the significant goal of showcasing wide range of Japanese films to the world, has reached its third year.
The award is for filmmakers living in Japan who have not screened a feature film in theaters. The winner will be determined through the judging of short film submissions (under 15 minutes). Please refer to the regulations below for submission details.
With the enthusiastic endorsement and support of Prime Video, a major digital streaming service that distributes worldwide a variety of video works including excellent original content, the winner will be given a prize of 1 million yen by Prime Video as well as the opportunity to explore the production of a feature film with Amazon Studios. The members of the jury will be announced at a later date.
TIFF and Prime Video look forward to discovering new talent shining brightly even within the limited format of short film, and to helping filmmakers expand their horizons of film from Tokyo to the world again this year.
Submissions of short films for the Amazon Prime Video Take One Award are being accepted from today, July 5 (Wed.) through September 4 (Mon.).

Prime Video amazon.co.jp/PrimeVideo/
Prime Video offers customers a wide variety of content, from films, including Amazon Originals, to TV shows such as dramas, variety shows, and animation. All titles are available on hundreds of compatible devices.

Application regulations for Amazon Prime Video Take One Award
Article 1: Eligibility
All films selected and invited for “Amazon Prime Video Take One Award” must meet the following conditions.
(1) Must be short films of 15 minutes or less.
(2) Must be films completed on or after January 1st, 2022.
(3) Must be films which can be streamed exclusively worldwide on Prime Video during and after Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF).
(4) Must be films directed by filmmakers who have never participated in the production of commercial films as a director, scriptwriter or producer in their career.
(5) Must be films directed by filmmakers who live in Japan.
(6) Must be films directed by filmmakers who are willing to cooperate with promotion activities related with TIFF and “Amazon Prime Video Take One Award” (PR activities regarding Amazon and TIFF such as participating in the award ceremony, a press conference, press interview, video interview, posting on SNS) when selected as finalists or the winner.
(7) Must be films directed by filmmakers who are willing to cooperate with Amazon regarding a development of a feature film when selected as the winner.
Article 2: Prize
(1) TIFF and Amazon will review submitted films and select several finalists. Films by the finalists will be screened to the public at one of the official screening venues of TIFF during the festival period in DCP format. In principle, TIFF will cover the cost to create a DCP. The films by the finalists may be streamed or released on Prime Video or its social media accounts or websites in whole or part before and during TIFF.
(2) Jury members selected by TIFF and Amazon will review the films by the finalists, and select the winner of “Amazon Prime Video Take One Award”.
(3) The winner of “Amazon Prime Video Take One Award” will receive:
1.The opportunity to pitch ideas for a feature film to Amazon Studios, which produces Amazon Originals.
2.The opportunity to receive mentorship by a professional for writing a script of a feature film.
3.The opportunity to seek a development of a feature film in cooperation with Amazon Studios.*
4.One million Japanese Yen cash prize.
*Amazon reserves the right to decide on whether to develop the script into a film, as well as the right to decide on the director and producer of the film in case the script is to be developed into a film.
Article 3: Entry for Pre-Selection
(1) Entry
Entries must be made on TIFF’s website.
Those who are qualified according to the conditions of Article 1 hereinabove may apply by filling in the entry form and submitting an online screener.
(2) Deadlines for Submissions and Entry Fee
Deadline for Submissions: September 4th, 2023
Entry Fee: No entry fee is required.
(3) Preview Screeners
Fill in the online link (URL) on the entry form.
(4) Selection Result
The result of Pre-Selection will be notified via e-mail by mid-October 2023.
(5) Qualification for Finalists
In order to qualify for finalists, candidates must agree to the terms regarding the streaming of their films and the prizes which will be sent to the candidates of finalists.
(6) Understanding
Participants are deemed to have fully understood and accepted all the regulations specified hereinabove and in the entry form. Matters not covered by the regulations or the entry form and any questions arising thereof will be resolved by the TIFF Organizing Committee in accordance with the regulations of the International Federation of Film Producers Associations.
All inquiries to:
Amazon Prime Video Take One Award Unit
Tokyo International Film Festival
Entry Form Click here if the entry form does not appear.

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